08 December 2021
A middle-aged male was served with a warning for being in possession and transporting of restricted plants without a permit.
The man was found in possession of the plants at the road block which was led by the MEC for Agriculture, Environmental Affairs, Rural Development and Land Reform, Hon Mase Manopole.
She was leading a team of various stakeholders including the South African Police Service on the awareness campaign against illegal poaching of succulent plants, reptiles, and amphibians, on the N7 Namibian Cape route in Garies in the Namakwa District Municipality. She further had a community meeting in Kharkams.
The man was found with the plants, Crassula and Leipoldta species, which are found mainly in the Springbok area.
MEC Manopole has challenged all South Africans, particularly the Northern Cape Community to join hands in stopping the collection, buying and poaching of indigenous plants, animals and reptiles’ species which in most instances are either threatened or protected in the terms of National Environmental Management Biodiversity Act.
More than 30 cars including truck, and motor bikes were stopped and searched.
MEC Manopole said the awareness campaign is important especially since the Province is expecting an influx of tourists in to the Namakwa Region for end of year festivities. The operation is also in line with the provision of Operation Phakisa.
“The Northern Cape Province is home to a great variety of plant and animal species. Many of these species occur only in our region, through special adaptation over time to survive in a hot and dry landscape. This plants and animals need to be protected at all costs by our communities in and around Namakwa,” said MEC Manopole.
“The removal, possession, transport, trade and breeding in indigenous plants and animals of which some has special protection status, as well as disturbance of their habitats without a permit is illegal,” she said.
The MEC was accompanied by the Mayor of Kamiesberg Local Municipality, Ms. Susarah Nero and the Speaker, Mr. Melvin Cloete, the South African Police Service, officials from Black Mountain Mine, SanPARKS, South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) and the Namakwa National Park,
“The laws are there to protect our biodiversity for this generation and many more generations to come. The previous generations before us did a sterling job of protecting succulent plants and animals- we are here today because of the great work they did. Ours is to take the baton and pass it to the next generation with pride, knowing that we have done our part in preserving our eco system,” she concluded.
For media enquiries contact Zandisile Luphahla, Media Liaison Officer and Spokesperson to the MEC, on 083 391 5388.

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